Book I of The Frontmire Histories


   Daektock, mage of the Black Arts, suffers no competition! What power he cannot possess, he will destroy.  He views the Elves as a threat because of their heritage of dormant magic: they must be destroyed! Using hordes of Trolls and his wraith servents, he intends to annihilate them!  His first target is the Human city of Breezon, a potential foe with a powerful army; the Dwarves will be next!

   To escape the Troll wars that had plagued them, the Elves of Frontmire had migrated to the coast at the southern end of the peninsula, where they lived in geographic isolation.  They farmed the fertile plains and fished the warm marine-green waters of the Korkaran Sea and the cold dark Mage River. They thought that they had left their problems behind.  As the centuries passed, through disuse, their magic became dormant, and they became as any other race.

   When Jerhad the Elf agrees to run what should have been a simple errand for a Druid posing as an old man, he has no idea of how Destiny is about to change his life, not to mention the trouble he's about to get into. He's barely underway when Gnomes make an attempt on the parcel he carries.

   Suddenly, his innate magic awakens, and he escapes! However, he finds himself way off course from his errand.

   In the  Human village of  Rain's Bottom,  Jerhad meets a soldier, Stanton Farrell;  Fate throws them together as  traveling companions, and  together they flee the trappers that attempt to rob and murder them; the Gnomes are still hot on his trail.

   The Elf is befriended by a Giant and later by the Dwarves who become allies.

   Jerhad meets a Human female, the sole survivor of a Troll raid on the village of BlueHill. Andreanna falls in love with the "ElfBoy" and will not  be parted  from  him.    A stong independent personality, she entertains herself by makeing her "Elf Prince" blush and by teasing "Squad Leader Stanton".

   Darl wraiths kidnap Andreanna, Jerhad is lost in a world of evil dreams and the Druid battles Daektock, while Stanton rushes in to shor up Breezon's defenses.

   Accompanied by forty Giants, the Dwarf King mobilizes his massive army.

   The races lie in peril, but the Captain of the ghost ship, The Druid Queen, has a plan.

   All could be lost. Perhaps Fate will intervene.

   Prince of the Elves, Book One of the Frontmire Histories.

   Powerful magic abounds, characters are challenged and respond.  Drama, adventure and humor intermingle, and the reader's vicarious encounter with the human experience is explored.  The book's readers, hitherto, have neeeeeded to know what will happen next!

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