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Magic and mayham with an attitude, August 7, 2008


C. R. Rose (South Coast of Oregon) - See all my reviews

My first criteria for getting hooked on a book is that I need to believe that the world I am reading about is real. I need to feel comfortable walking around it in my imagination. If I'm not hooked, I don't continue to read; I'm pretty fussy about that! This book did all of that for me. Believable-fantasy! The characters were multidimensional. There was mystery, magic, adventures, battles, but also metaphysical insight and spiritual growth.
I also love the author's sense of humor; it pops up unexpectedly in the midst of mayhem.
Dave Diagle's dialog flows naturally. And, as the story teller, he has the ability to comment on his characters' foibles with a wry but compassionate wit.
A good Read! A Pager Turner. It makes me want to spend more time in that special world.Carole






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loved it ..want more, August 6, 2008


Kandace K. Smith "book lover" (oregon coast) - See all my reviews

I loved the book..bought extra copies to pass on..want the next book !!! NOW!!errr please ? .).






Grabbed me right away, September 12, 2008


L. Webster (Arizona) - See all my reviews

After my husband read this first book of Prince of Elves he recommended that I give it a try. While I love every genre from nonfiction to romances, I have a hard time seeing much originality in the fantasy field after having read Tolkien and Donaldson. I told him that I would read the first chapter and then "we'll see". Rarely does an author grab me as soon as this book did. Even my favorite authors may take a chapter or two before they get me. I can tell you exactly when it happened with this book -- It was the last 2 sentences of the VERY FIRST paragraph!

That's it. I began reading and finished it in one sitting. Now, the only negative thing I can say is that I have to WAIT until book 2.






Good story and characters, September 12, 2008


Timothy D. Webster (Marana, AZ) - See all my reviews

I have read dozens of fantasy series and make it a point to own quite a few of my favorites in order to read them over again. Prince of Elves Book 1 has turned out to be another that I will be rereading again and again. David E. Daigle has created a very believable world with characters that are wonderful to journey with. He has premises and situations that are completely one-of-a-kind and surprising. Many new authors in the fantasy genre seem to regurgitate Tolkien's Middle Earth. Mr. Daigle has created a world that is both familiar and unique at the same time. It will be a joy to spend another three books in this land.






Slip into another world!, September 10, 2008


Juliel Boehlke "julz49221" (Adrian, MI) - See all my reviews

The Prince of Elves took me on a magical adventure that was both mystical as well as intriguing. The Frontmire Histories - Book 1 was an edge of my seat delight that was hard to put down. This fantasy book started off by introducing me right away to the backdrop of the storyline so it was easy for me to follow and understand. The magic that enthralled this book was of great interest to me as was the touch of humor that trailed each chapter. I loved the adventurous scenes and the intense interaction with the characters in the sublime setting of this book; it allowed me to slip away into a world of fantasy and frolic. I am looking forward to further excitement and adventure in the next book in this series. Great read!






Elves, Druids, and Magic!, September 8, 2008


Sophie S, - See all my reviews

I am super picky about the fantasy books that I do read, they need to have a solid historical background, but still be able to come up with a new story idea. Prince of Elves has a great fantastical setting, that is still believable.

There was a little more background on druids and use of actual magic (spells) than I am used to in my fantasy reading, but it all fell into place nicely so I didn't mind it. I also liked that all the characters, even minor ones, were very well created and thought out. I found myself despising, rooting for, and annoyed by several different characters because of the roles they played throughout the book.

Because of the subject and size of the book, I did read it aloud to eleven year olds as one of our bedtime reading choices. It wasn't too long that we would be forever reading it, but now that we have finished it, we are eager for more. There were a couple parts were the girls were grossed out (talk of carcasses and blood) or shocked/saddened, so I censored just a little bit, but it was only because they were going straight to bed after reading.

Overall, a fantastic read. Can't wait for more and I will definitely be recommending it to other fantasy fans. 5 stars!







Must Read For All Fantasy Fans, September 8, 2008


Heather Shockney (Greensboro, PA USA) - See all my reviews

I love fantasy books and this was no exception. I was hooked from the start. I could not put the book down. Prince of the Elves is a must read for anyone that enjoyed The Lord of the Rings books.I cannot wait for the next book.






Magical Fantasy, August 21, 2008


Deana - See all my reviews

I am a huge fantasy fan. I have seen Lord of the Rings trilogy at least 20 times. I started reading this book and stayed up most of the night because I could not put it down. The author is full of talent and it really shines through in this book. It is a must read for all fantasy fans.






Hooked on Princes, August 20, 2008


JennyMac - See all my reviews

This book was great! I loved the imagery and the imagination of the author. I am not a huge fantasy book lover but this one drew me in. The book reminded me of another very popular set of books, I really loved it. I hope you read the book and find it as enjoyable and unpretentious as I did. After the first chapter I was hooked and am sure you will be too!






Love, love, LOVE this book!, August 18, 2008


C. Eversole - See all my reviews

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